The 2030 Development Agenda and Urban Resilience 

The 2030 Development Agenda and Urban Resilience 26 April 2016, Newcastle, Australia – CIFAL Newcastle jointly with CIFAL Atlanta hosted a half-day session on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 development agenda. The discussions also explored the connection between disaster risk reduction, "build back better" and sustainable resilient development. In attendance were 45 university students and faculty members, along with local community members.

Participants learned about the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals and how they will help guide the decisions we take over the next fifteen years. As we all work towards the Goals within our own countries and at the local, regional and global levels, best practice sharing and enhanced capacities are essential. In addition, new ways of collaborating among stakeholders were explored with an aim to develop and finance infrastructure projects, to provide services and to promote socially inclusive, better-integrated and sustainable cities. In addition to receiving important background information on the 2030 Agenda, adoption of disaster risk reduction principles articulated in the Sendai Framework were also discussed, including connections between the 2030 agenda and the implications of Sendai.

Photo: Presentation on the 2030 Development Agenda, during the workshop organised jointly by CIFAL Atlanta and CIFAL Newcastle