Achivements report 2007-2009 can be downloaded from links below (all in PDF* format)

*if you do not have Adobe Reader, please download from Adobe website.

Cover page - Forewords (p.1-7, 11MB)

Objective 1 (p.8-13, 8.6MB)

Objective 2 (p.14-23, 13MB)

Objective 3 (p.24-36, 16MB)

Objective 4 (p.37-41, 3.6MB)

Objective 5 (p.42-45, 3.6MB)

Objective 6 (p.46-52, 18.4MB)

Objective 7 (p.53, 425KB)

UNITAR around the world (p.54-55, 4.5MB)

e-learning at UNITAR (p.56-57, 1.4MB)

Sharing knowledge (p.58-61, 9.8MB)

Board of Trustees (p.62-69, 11.5MB)

Strengthening UNITAR's autonomy (p.70-75, 5MB)

Moving towards Climate Neutral (p.76-77, 7.3MB)

Partnership (p.78-81, 3.8MB)

Outlook 2010-2012 (p.82-92, 11.7MB)

Acronyms and Photo credits (p.94-100, 2.7MB)