June 2014, Geneva, Switzerland. Within the framework of the fruitful three-year partnership with the Institute for Diplomacy and International Relations of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria (IDRI), UNITAR held a five-day training course on trade diplomacy and economic negotiations.



Developments in international trade and in global economy, especially during the last century, have changed relations between countries and regions of the world. The multilateral system, constantly in change to cope with crises and evolving needs of its members, builds a very complex architecture. The analysis of this system, of its functioning and of the challenges and opportunities it presents from a national point of view were the focus of this multidisciplinary workshop organized by UNITAR in Geneva during the first week of June.

Fourteen Algerian diplomats gathered in the city of Calvin to take part in no less than six separate sessions with the objective to acquire the knowledge needed to grasp the current challenges and the skills needed to ensure a more effective participation in international trade diplomacy system.

Following an introduction to the multilateral economic system delivered by Professor Christian Comeliau, participants were given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of this architecture through Professor Gabrielle Marceau’s and Mr. Mustapha Sekkate’s rich contributions on the World Trade Organization and Mr. Aimable Uwizeye-Mapendano’s session on the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Building on the information acquired, Ms. Sandra Coulibaly Leroy then facilitated a one-day training session on negotiation techniques and practices in a multilateral environment. Participants thereafter discussed Ambassador Idriss Jazaïry‘s reflections and analysis on the role of the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria in the field of international economic cooperation.

Combining theoretical, practical and pragmatic aspects, this one-week training offered a comprehensive overview of the issues and challenges of a multilateral economic and trade system in perpetual progress. The vast majority of participants exhibited confidence to use the tools acquired during this training as part of their professional activities; an objective that lies at the heart of the partnership between IDRI and UNITAR.