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October 5-7, 2011 / Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
The annual Americas Competitiveness Forum (ACF) convenes over 1,000 leaders from the 34 countries in the Americas, including Heads of State, Ministers of education, economy, industry, commerce and environment, governors, mayors, business leaders, high level representatives from academic institutions and international organizations, as well as members of the region’s private and public competitiveness councils.
The discussions at ACF will address fundamental issues for competitiveness such as Innovation, Education, Renewable Energy, Business Climate and Trade Facilitation. In addition to plenary sessions and breakout panels, important hemispheric initiatives that aim to promote regional as well as activities that enable business to take advantage of investment opportunities will take place:
Americas Award (AA) for Excellence in Public Service
The AA is a joint initiative of CIFAL Atlanta and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to honor outstanding government officials who have implemented programs towards the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. The 2011 Americas Award will be presented in special ceremony during ACF.

Meeting of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC)
Leaders of the private and public competitiveness councils of the region will meet to exchange best practices on competitiveness, strengthen cooperation and discuss the progress made by countries with regards to the implementation of policies that foster economic development.
Meeting of Ministers of Economy, Industry, and Commerce of the Americas and the Caribbean
The Ministers of Economy, Commerce, Industry and Trade from the hemisphere meet at ACF to share perspectives on competitiveness and strategies for future growth and development, as well as to strengthen regional cooperation.
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