Antwerp-ITCCO is an Antwerp-based International Center for Corporate Learning on Business Ethics & Sustainability, affiliated with UNITAR.    

We have the ambition to be the benchmark in action learning: high-level, innovative, interdisciplinary, multi-actor and practical learning and training methods to create awareness and to support the implementation of the development goals of the United Nations and to build capacity in the field of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, accountability and transparency, based in the City of Antwerp, strongly anchored in Belgium and with an international reputation and clientele.

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Recent events:
On the 29th of April 2014, around 100 sustainability pioneers from Antwerp came together for the first Antwerp Sustainability Platform.  Antwerp-ITCCO and Stadslab2050 brought together intrapreneurs from companies, business community, governments, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, academia and knowledge centres, to exchange knowledge in the field of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, business ethics and transparency.

3 - 23 March 2014

18/12/2013 : Antwerp-ITCCO Board of Directors approves Action Plan 2014
Antwerp-ITCCO aims to become a unique project that connects many qualitative initiatives within the framework of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, good governance and social entrepreneurship, both from the business community, the city, the society and the academic world. Antwerp-ITCCO aims to support and strengthen these initiatives, offer knowledge exchange, education and training organization.
Briefing on UNITAR and ITCCO
October 17th 2013 - Antwerp Mas Harbour Pavilion

Antwerp ITCCO organized an informal Briefing on UNITAR and ITCCO, delivered by Mr. Alexander A. Mejia, Manager of the Decentralized Cooperation Programme of UNITAR and Head of the CIFAL Global Network.

Presentation at the Sustainable Ports & Shipping Network
October 16th 2013 - Geneva
On behalf of Antwerp ITCCO, Mr. Peter Wollaert was invited to give a presentation on Sustainability at the Gevena conference of the SPSN - Sustainable Ports & Shipping Network.
4 September 2013 - The MAS Harbour Pavilion of Antwerp, in collaboration with Antwerp ITCCO, organised on the 12th of September 2013 a lecture about 'Antwerp - a sustainable port'.