Antwerp-ITCCO Sustainability Platform

On the 29th of April 2014, around 100 sustainability pioneers from Antwerp came together for the first Antwerp Sustainability Platform.  Antwerp-ITCCO and Stadslab2050 brought together intrapreneurs from companies, business community, governments, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, academia and knowledge centres, to exchange knowledge in the field of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, business ethics and transparency.

Mr. Wollaert, general manager, explains the necessity to develop and strengthen the capacities in the areas of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, business ethics and transparency on a regional bases within government authorities, private sector representatives and civil society leaders around the world. Therefore, Antwerp-ITCCO relies on an action learning approach that promotes the transfer of experiences, skills, and best practices through training modules, luncheons (peer-to-peer seminars) and network events.

Through this ‘Sustainability Platform’, he says, we focus on connecting local knowledge and practice in the Antwerp region, innovative and practical applicability, based upon the concrete knowledge of the intrapreneurs, through a multi-stakeholder and multidisciplinary approach.

On the 24th of October, the official UN day, Antwerp-ITCCO will connect the local knowledge and practice with international best practices and UN standards.

Photo's of this event can be found on the Flickr account of Stadslab2050, our partner for this event.