Briefing on UNITAR and ITCCO

On October 17th 2013, Antwerp ITCCO organized an informal Briefing on UNITAR and ITCCO, offered by Mr. Alexander A. Mejia, Manager of the Decentralized Cooperation Programme of UNITAR and Head of the CIFAL Global Network. Mr. Mejia presented the activities of UNITAR and of the International Training Center on Corporate Opportunities. Antwerp-ITCCO is an Antwerp-based International Center for Corporate Learning on Business Ethics & Sustainability, affiliated with UNITAR. It focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility training and capacity-building along a value-chain approach, integrating UN frameworks to support private sector adherence to the UN Global Compact principles, contribute to progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and national development frameworks for a triple-bottom line.


More pictures of this event can be found at our Picasaweb page.