The partners of the Antwerp ITCCO are:

The UN Institute for Training and Research – UNITAR*
UNITAR is a United Nations autonomous body whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness of the UN through appropriate training and research on issues such as peace and security, social and economic development and the environment.
The UN Global Compact
The United Nations Global Compact, is a United Nations initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation. 
The Flemish department of foreign affairs  

Flanders is one of the three official regions of the Kingdom of Belgium. It is home to a diversified, modern economy, with emphasis put on research and development.

The Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs wants to contribute actively to the promotion of international labour- and environmental standards. This is an important criterium for export grants and selection of projects through the Flanders/ILO Trust fund (International Labour Organisation). But more is needed: UN principles have to be incorporated in each policy and each project. That’s why the Government of Flanders supports Antwerp ITCCO, a unique partnership between local, regional and global governments, the captains of industry, the social partners and civil society.

The City of Antwerp*
Antwerp is the centre of the most prosperous and most densely populated area in Europe. The city offers a wide array of high-quality education and training institutions, and a large pool of well-trained employees.
The World Jewelry Confederation – CIBJO*  
CIBJO is an international confederation of national jewellery trade organizations. CIBJO's purpose is to encourage harmonization, promote international cooperation in the jewellery industry, and to consider issues which concern the trade worldwide. 
The Antwerp World Diamond Center – AWDC*
AWDC is the coordinating body and the official representative of the Antwerp diamond sector, and as such is recognized internationally as the host, spokesperson and intermediary for the Belgian diamond community. 
Fonds Voor de DiamantNijverheid – FVDN*

*Founding partners