Praia, Cape Verde, 21 January 2009

The government of Cape Verde has called upon UNITAR to design a national capacity development strategy for its public administration in order to meet the challenges of Cape Verde’s insertion in the global economy.
Since 2008, Cape Verde has left the Least Developed Countries category and joined the group of middle-income economies. As Cape Verde increasingly develop as a service-based economy, the need to invest in human capital becomes more crucial. Therefore capacity development of central and local administrations is at the core of the State Reform agenda. On the request of the Ministry of State Reform, a first training workshop was organized by UNITAR in Praia from 14 to 16 January with the purpose of using the appreciative inquiry approach for key stakeholders in the public sector to design a vision of the future public administration of Cape Verde. The workshop also achieved the identification of concrete ways to further leverage leadership skills and personal commitment in the public sector for the implementation of State Reform and the development strategy for the country. Further to this first activity, UNITAR carried out a diagnosis so as to develop a capacity development strategy for the Cape Verdean public administration, to be ready in the coming months. Several leading public institutions from Brazil are associated to this work so as to ensure South-South transfers of know-how in relevant areas.
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