The Projects

Our projects seek to build human capacity in developing countries to address the impacts of climate change.

We support regional institutions working on climate change to form a network called Climate Change Capacity Development (C3D+) that allows each institution to contribute their specific expertise, which together serves as a group resource that delivers targeted training and capacity development at the national and regional levels in Africa and Asia.

In addition we service a One UN approach to climate change learning and skills development UN CC:Learn,  a partnership of 32 multilateral organizations, which supports country-driven strategies to strengthen human resources, learning and skills.

Furthermore in cooperation with multiple institutional and technical partners we support least developed countries (LDCs) in preparing and implementing their National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs). The Programme also provides technical support through training workshops for Small Island Developing States, Francophone Africa and Asian LDCs towards finalizing their NAPA documents, including formulation of project profiles.

Finally through the Pilot Actions for Advancing Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation (ACCCA) stake holders and the scientific communities of the developing world jointly implement adaptation projects to enable informed and effective decisions to address environmental changes, while also promoting sustainable development.