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The Core Diplomatic Training is a set of practice-oriented workshops provided to diplomats and other beneficiaries at major United Nations locations so that they can perform more effectively in a multilateral environment. Participants who attend 10 workshops will be awarded with the Executive Diploma in Diplomatic PracticeIn exceptional cases, participants may also have the opportunity to attend a minimum of 8 workshops, or 6 workshops and 2 e-learning courses.  


Face-to-face learning delivered through highly interactive executive style trainings. The average duration of a Core Diplomatic Training course is two days. Courses are held in English.

UNITAR has been delivering Core Diplomatic Training courses since its inception in 1965 and the courses are traditionally considered the “core” training of the Institute. The nature of the training is “on the UN for the UN by the UN”. All Member States and the United Nations, collectively, benefit from greater knowledge on how to operate in the multilateral setting and perform effectively and efficiently.


United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, New York and Vienna as well as at UN Offices in the host cities of UN regional economic commissions (Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Beirut, Nairobi, Roma, Santiago de Chile).


Drawing on UNITAR’s experience of training leaders for over 50 years, the Core Diplomatic Training provides participants with a practical understanding of diplomatic know-how. It equips candidates with the skills and knowledge they need to perform outstandingly and deliver the best results possible.


Junior to senior level diplomats and other government officials, representatives or experts working in the UN System. University students, academics, staff of international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and private sector companies.


Each workshop has a price of 1000 USD per participant. Fees for the whole Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice have the following prices:

  • Full fee: 8000 USD
  • Middle-Income Countries (according to the World Bank Atlas Method): 5000 USD
  • Low-Income Countries (according to the World Bank Atlas Method): 3000 USD

Please find information on fellowship opportunities here.


Upcoming Workshops in Geneva:

UNITAR's Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice

The fourth edition of the Executive Diploma consists of several components, the main of which is a series of 10 face-to-face Core Diplomatic Training workshops in Geneva, Switzerland from September 2018 to August 2019.

The Executive Diploma represents an unparalleled opportunity for diplomats and other key actors in the multilateral system to not only improve their career opportunities, but also expand the reach of their global network.

The Executive Diploma consists of the following components:

  • Screening Phase – Prior to the beginning of the series, participants will receive individual guidance and a pre-assessment from UNITAR experts.
  • 10 Training Workshops – one each month, taking place in Geneva.
  • Seminar Series – which will aim to cover current and compelling issues in the international arena, with particular attention to the SDGs and Agenda 2030.
  • Reporting Stage - At the end of the programme, attendees will be further evaluated in order to assess their learning margins after the completion of the trainings.


In order to complete the diploma, candidates are required to submit a research paper on a topic of their choice that has been covered in the course or on another topic related to multilateral diplomacy. Candidates will receive guidance from UNITAR experts and must provide a more in‐depth analysis and argumentation on their chosen theme.


The Executive Diploma allows diplomats and other key actors in the multilateral system to expand the reach of their global network. The professionals who join the Diploma are incredibly diverse, both in terms of competences and expertise.




How to ApplyOnline Catalogue | 2017-2018 Course List | Executive Diploma in Geneva Brochure | Fellowships 


Feedback from Two Past Participants and Expert of the Executive Diploma

"The Executive Diploma will have an impact on my career; it will assist me in international relations as well as in protocol to carry myself as a diplomat in a multilateral environment”

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malawi in Geneva




"With my twenty years of experience in the private sector, I was looking for an added value in negotiation and elaborate better ideas, new techniques. The Executive Diploma allowed me to get experience from experts who have problem-solving approach. The Diploma highly exceeded my expectations”

Operation Manager




“I have had the pleasure to lead the Leadership workshop for the Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice for the past two years. The groups have been incredibly diverse, both in background and experience levels, but they have always been very active and engaging in debate.  I wholeheartedly recommend the Executive Diploma for anyone who would like to learn more about the fascinating and complex world of diplomacy and international affairs amongst peers”

Trainer in Leadership



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