Fellowships for Face-to-Face Core Diplomatic Training Courses

UNITAR is happy to announce that a limited number of fellowships are available for the following groups of people:

Fellowships for Diplomats from Least Developed and Other Developing Countries:

In order to enable participation of least developed countries and other developing countries in Core Diplomatic Training courses, UNITAR maintains the “UNITAR Fellowship Fund” that offers fellowships to diplomats from countries that the World Bank classifies as “low-income economies”, “lower-middle-income economies” and “upper-middle-income economies”.

The UNITAR Fellowship Fund is financed with the support of Member States wishing to support multilateralism and efficient multilateral negotiations. A Fellowship Fund Committee oversees the Fund’s operations and will endeavour to provide as many fellowships as possible. (The Fellowship Fund does not replace the Institute’s General Fund.)

Countries pledging a baseline contribution to the Fellowship Fund by January will be assured free access for all its diplomats to the full range of UNITAR CDT courses taking place in a location of their choice in that year.

Fellowships for Diplomats from the Group of 77

Thanks to the generous support of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, UNITAR is able to offer fellowships for diplomats from the Group of 77 to participate in Core Diplomatic Training courses taking place in Geneva and New York. This contribution will allow diplomats from the Group of 77 to strengthen their skills to engage in decision-making at the United Nations and demonstrates the strong commitment of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria to support the intergovernmental machinery and increase the efficiency of multilateral negotiations.

If you are eligible for one of the two fellowships, please follow this link to find information on how to apply: https://www.unitar.org/mdp/application-and-payment-face-face

Please note that priority is given to diplomats based in the location where the respective Core Diplomatic Training is taking place. The final decision of who will be granted a fellowship is solely the decision of the UNITAR fellowship fund committee and the committee's decition cannot be contested.


For courses taking place in the United States:
Email: nyo@unitar.org
Telephone: + 1 212 963 9196

For courses taking place in all other locations:

Email: diplomacy@unitar.org
Telephone: +41 22 917 86 77