The CIFAL Network (French acronym for International Training Centres for Local Authorities and Local Actors) is made up of 11 centres throughout the world. Its objective is to train local leaders on the issues of sustainable development and urbanization. The network is managed by the Local Development Programme of UNITAR. The programme started in 2008 a reform process of the whole CIFAL Network.

Thus, 2009 will a key year for the CIFAL network. UNITAR and each of the CIFAL centres agreed in 2008 on a transitional plan for the application of the CIFAL guidelines which will have to be implemented during 2009.

The approved transitional phase corresponds to the third phase of the transformation process of the CIFAL network. This transformation process is essential to ensure greater coherence, effectiveness and quality control of the CIFAL network. The new CIFAL centres will be fully operational by the beginning of 2010.