Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, from the 24th to the 26th of June, 2009 - In the framework of its collaboration with the Partnership for Municipal Development (MDP), CIFAL Ouagadougou participated in a workshop on redefining the relations and actions of the MDP toward the National Associations of Local Authorities (NALA).
With the goal of reinforcing its collaboration with the NALA and thus effectively responding to the needs of its target audience, the CIFAL Ouagadougou discussed two aspects of its program during the workshop:
  1. The setting up of a focal point at the level of each NALA, which will serve as a rallying point between the CIFAL and the NALA in question in order to facilitate (i) the identification of needs, (ii) the identification of the participants at the sessions organized by CIFAL, and (iii) the monitoring of activities on the ground.
  2. The organization of training for trainers: this will consist of training local persons in the approach and methodology of CIFAL. These trainers will thus have the role of supporting CIFAL in the framework of specific training (on precise themes and to organize country-specific training activities). for the training of trainers, the first session will take place in September of 2009.
For more information: www.cifal-ouaga.org.