CIFAL Shanghai Launches Seminar on e-Government and Information Technology for Officials from Guyana  

Officials from Guyana during the inauguration of the seminar12 July 2017, Shanghai, China - The aim of e-Government is to provide efficient dissemination and management of information to the citizen, as well as to provide better service delivery to citizens, business partners and employees.  Adopting e-Government through the use of technology not only enhances services delivery but also empowers citizens through participation in public policy decision-making, while strengthening trust in government.

With the objective of supporting countries to adopt e-government, assess its benefits, and challenges, the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Shanghai (CIFAL Shanghai) launched on 12 July 2017 a 20-day training seminar titled “e-Government and Information Technology for Guyana”.

Seminar participants during a training sessionThe seminar is taking place at the International Innovation Base of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), providing a venue for 20 government officials from Guyana to learn about the benefits of e-Government, the models of e-Government, the challenges and barriers to its implementation and management.

Ms. Liu Beimin, Deputy Chief of the Department of Foreign Economic Cooperation of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce; Mr. Yugang Wu, Deputy Director of CIFAL Shanghai and Mr. Francis Oliver Simmons, General Manager of the National Data Management Authority of Guyana inaugurated the event and highlighted the importance of this seminar to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between China and Guyana.  

The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China and is the third of a series of eight training activities that are part of the China Aid Training Plan to be organized by CIFAL Shanghai throughout 2017.

Photo 1: Officials from Guyana during the inauguration of the seminar

Photo 2: Seminar participants during a training session