23 January 2014, Shanghai, China - UNITAR's training centre CIFAL Shanghai together with the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Shanghai UNESCO City of Design, and Shanghai Design Promotion Center successfully hosted the inaugural “Leading Talent Training Program – Strengthening Shanghai City of Design” to promote creative talent through innovative training. The program was held at the Miracle Dynasty Fine Bone China.

The added-value generated by the creative industries in Shanghai has increased from 49.3 billion yuan in 2004 to 114.8 billion yuan in 2009, and the percentage in the overall GDP of the city has increased from 5.8% to above 7.7%. In 2009, the creative industries in Shanghai produced a total output of 390 billion yuan, with the value-added increasing 17.6% to the previous year, and 950,000 employees. There are five major categories of creative industries in Shanghai, including R&D and design, architectural design, culture and media, consultation and planning, and fashion and consumption.



Since Shanghai became a member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2010, several creative industry and design industry relevant trainings have been organized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization each year. 2014 is a critical year for implementing innovation-driven development. The first “Leading Talent Training Program – Strengthening Shanghai City of Design”puts into practice Shanghai’s innovation-driven development, promotes the transformation of small and medium enterprises, sets an example for innovative enterprises, accelerates the development of Shanghai smart city, and promotes the transformation of manufacturing industry in Shanghai.

Different from traditional training, this program is divided into lectures, workshops and site visits aimed at optimizing the acquisition of practical knowledge. The program bring together a selected and talented group of participants from different industries such as industrial design, fashion design, convention and exhibition, advertisement, informatization, manufacturing, and finance, etc. The group composition is due to the fact that the design industry combines high and new technology and manufacturing industry with enterprise strategy and market demand. This training program provides participants with a platform that promotes cross-sectors communication and inspiration.

Keynote addresses and sessions are facilitated by notable experts. One of the ten greatest interior designers in China Mr. ZHENG Jiahe shared his understanding and experience in design. He pointed out that design cannot be limited to the appearance. Instead, it shall include functionality, user experience with a combination of thinking mode.

Mr. WANG Leyi, Secretary General of Shanghai Design Promotion Center, Mr. CHEN Yuehua, from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and Ms. LIN Yi, Division Chief of the Division of Metropolitan Industry provided the remarks during the opening ceremony.



Photo 1: Group photo of participants

Photo 2: (from left) Mr. WANG Leyi, Mr. CHEN Yuehua and Ms. LIN Yi


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