Tangiers, Morocco, 27 April 2009

The municipality of Tangiers hosts a UNITAR - CIFAL Barcelona workshop on urban policies conducive to social inclusion and public safety


On 24-25 April, Municipal authorities and civil society representatives met in Tangiers to discuss ways to address the challenges of social inclusion and public safety in rapidly urbanizing and culturally diverse areas.


The location carries a symbolic meaning since Tangiers is, by tradition, a multicultural regional capital, gateway to Europe and among today's main transit points for migrations coming from Africa into the continent. The workshop, promoted by UNITAR's associated centre CIFAL Barcelona allowed locally elected officials, community-based actors and academics from Morocco, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Cameroon to share common approaches to safety and conclude to the key role of comprehensive public policies that combine sound urban planning, social participation as well as diversity and conflict management.

Invited by the Mayor of Tangiers to share his experience, Mario Reali, Mayor of Diadema, a city of the Sao Paulo metropolitan area in Brazil famous for its successful and integrated approach to crime prevention and social well-being in Latin America, expressed his satisfaction: "Although the cultural context can be quite different, the issues we face are very similar and such sharing opportunity constitutes a much enriching learning experience, especially as I am just starting my four-year mandate".

Since 2006, CIFAL Barcelona endeavours to develop North-South and South-South decentralized cooperation in the Mediterranean and in Latin America with the objective of advancing good governance in urban areas, based on participatory processes as well as local and equal ownership of public goods, spaces and services. Regional knowledge networks, namely GEUMED and CONVIVAL, mobilize multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary expertise to this end. The event in Tangiers was organized with the support of the UNESCO Centre of Catalonia and UNDP ART-GOLD Morocco.

From left to right, Mr. Carlos Gonzalez, Director of CIFAL Barcelona and of the Catalan Institute for Public Security, Mr. Abdellatif Achhab, President of arrondissement Tanger-Medina, Prof. Mohamed Kharchich, Deputy Mayor of Tanger, Mr. Dahman Derham, Mayor of Tanger, Mr. Akalay, President of Association Cap Spartel and Mr. Francesc Guillén, representative of the Catalan Ministry of Interior.