The imminent threat of a changing global climate poses a major challenge for human development. For example, species are threatened to become extinct, extreme weather events are increasing, sea levels are rising, and agricultural systems are disturbed.

Several UNITAR Programmes and Offices are engaged in supporting governments, organizations, and stakeholders in developing capacity to respond to the global climate change challenge:

  • UNITAR’s Climate Change Programme comprises the core of UNITAR’s activities in this area. It assists developing countries in participating in and implementing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • The Local Development Programme strengthens the capacity of local authorities in the area of climate change through its CIFAL network
  • The Environmental Governance Programme strengthens capacities for effective governance and public participation in environmental decision-making, including climate change governance
  • The New York Office offers training for diplomats at UN Headquarters in the area of climate change diplomacy and international negotiations
  • The Hiroshima Office training series on Sea and Human Security includes training on climate change, variability, and early warning
  • The Diploma Course of the International Law Programme in International Environmental Law comprises a module on Atmosphere, Freshwater, and Soil
  • UNOSAT provides geographic information derived from satellite imagery that can assist identifying climate change related transformations in land cover
  • The Public Finance and Trade Programme offers e-learning on the subject of Climate Change: Risk and Opportunities for the Finance Sector