April 2014, Vienna, Austria – Building on years of experience in providing diplomatic training to Vienna-based diplomats, UNITAR organized a workshop on negotiation skills at the Vienna International Centre in April 2014. The workshop took place in the framework of UNITAR’s Core Diplomatic Training (CDT) and could be offered free of charge thanks to the support of Austria.

As diplomats negotiate all the time, this workshop aimed at improving participants’ analytical and interpersonal skills in their continuous negotiation activities and highlighted the importance of doing first things first. In the context of international conferences, it is of primary importance to prepare before action is taken, especially when strong coalitions and consensus are aimed for.

The high level of interaction and participation during the workshop, through simulation and role-playing exercises, discussions and descriptions of good practices, increased participants’ negotiation skills and their awareness of how they behave in negotiation contexts. The workshop also made them aware of how they could behave differently during negotiations, by identifying common platforms with others, before expressing their own demands. Above all, participants were provided with the techniques to increase their impact in the daily negotiations taking place in their working environment and improved their preparations, actions and reviews.

The workshop was divided into four sessions. The first session focused on negotiation strategies and aimed at strengthening participants’ preparation and interactions in a multilateral context. The second session discussed the preparation of a mandate and the process of bilateral negotiations. Conflict resolution and the ability to manage negotiations in delegations were discussed during the third session. The last topic was complex negotiations and during this final session participants were asked to reflect on dos and don’ts of negotiation processes.

The feedback from participants at the end of the training workshop was very positive and above all they highlighted the professionalism of the trainer, Michele Pekar. Ms. Pekar is a senior negotiation trainer who has for the last 15 years taught courses and seminars in negotiation, leadership, team building in undergraduate, graduate and executive programs and in corporate executive education. Her training experience as well as her extensive theoretical and practical knowledge made this workshop a very successful and enriching event for all participants.

UNITAR is looking forward to continuing its cooperation with Austria and to organizing further training activities in Vienna. The next training to be organized in Vienna is a two-day briefing on “Vienna’s Multilateral Working Environment” that will take place on 2 & 3 September 2014. For more information on this training, please visit http://www.unitar.org/event/vienna-briefing.