Thailand Publishes GHS Notification Rule

Thailand has published a notification on Hazard Classification and Communication for Hazardous Substances in the country's official legislative gazette. The notification is based on a proposal issued by the Thai Industry Ministry on 1 February (Notification BE 2555).

Effective from 13 March 2012, the notification is based on the third revised edition of the UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals. It provides a transitional period from the effective date of one and five years for substances and mixtures, respectively. So substances will be covered from 13 March 2013 and mixtures from 13 March 2017.

The relevant classification information, including symbols, signal words and hazard statements, are contained in Table 1, while safety data sheet requirements, in accordance with the 16-section format of the UN GHS, are contained in Table 2 of the notification.