Project on Strengthening National and Regional Capacities to Implement the GHS in ASEAN -- Phase II

Regional activities

In order to facilitate harmonized implementation and information sharing at the regional level, the project will support regional activities involving all 10 ASEAN countries (and regional neighbors). Activities to date include:

1. GHS Stocktaking Workshop for Southeast, East, and Central Asia

The “GHS Stocktaking Workshop for Southeast, East, and Central Asia” took place in Beijing, China from 15-17 September 2010. Please click on heading above for workshop materials and report.

2. GHS Asia e-Forum

As a follow-up to the GHS Stocktaking Workshop, a regional electronic Forum on the GHS (“Asian Regional GHS e-Forum”) was established to provide a simple platform for continual information exchange, tracking of progress, learning from experiences to date, regional coordination, and planning for the future. Key focal points in all countries and relevant sectors were identified and invited to join the Forum. It is expected that the Forum would function for the duration of the project, as well as continue in to the future, based on the needs and priorities of the countries.

3. Chemical safety awareness raising for consumers in ASEAN

As consumers in particular are in need of appropriate information regarding using chemical products safely and understanding labels, a regional awareness campaign for chemical safety, based on the information provided by GHS-based labels, was developed. This activity included webinars and awareness raising in relevant consumers’ contexts. These activities focused on chemical safety, starting with the understanding of chemical communication elements, such as interpreting labels, identification of pictograms, understanding hazard statements, etc, and included also general training on chemical safety and management such as consideration to releases in the environment and the use of protective clothing or equipment.  

4. Development of regional GHS training network for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

To help further develop a regional network for the GHS based on the existing ASEAN-OSHNET, a GHS Training Workshop for Occupational Safety and Health was held on 20 May 2013 to focus on understanding the technical aspects of the GHS, in terms of how to use the GHS classification and hazard communication elements, in particular in a workplace setting. The training provided detailed information on how to improve worker safety through application of the system, and provides the tools necessary to train workers, supervisors and companies on using the GHS as a foundation for improved chemical safety in the workplace.

5. Regional GHS Review Conference

The overall goal of the “Final GHS Review Conference” is to assess progress at the regional level during the course of the project, as well as report on results of the awareness raising for consumers, and development of OSH training network. Other items to be discussed at this Conference include discussions on how GHS implementation is improving the foundation for chemical safety in ASEAN countries as well as a session on Green Chemistry in ASEAN  and on-going developments related to GHS implementation with regional trading partners (in particular China, Japan, and Korea).  The workshop is planned to take place in May 2013, likely hosted by Malaysia.