GHS Stocktaking Workshop for Southeast, East, and Central Asia

Beijing, China
15-17 September 2010

Overview | Background Documents | Presentations | Workshop Outcomes and Report | Photos


Session 1 : Introductory Presentations
  • Introduction to the Workshop, Jonathan Krueger, UNITAR  Download
  • Update and Latest Developments on the GHS, Peter Dawson, ERMA, New Zealand  Download
  • The UNITAR/ILO Programme for Capacity Building to Implement the GHS, Mehdia Siari, UNITAR  Download
  • GHS as a Basis for the Sound Management of Chemicals, Reiner Arndt, UNITAR  Download
Session 2: Status of GHS Implementation in Southeast, East and Central Asia
  • Presentation of Status Report on GHS Implementation in Southeast, East and Central Asia
    • Hiroshi Jonai, Nihon University, Japan  Download
    • Jaewook Choi, Korea University  Download
  • Experience with GHS implementation in New Zealand, Peter Dawson, New Zealand  Download
  • Introduction of GHS Implementation in China, Jiang Jian, MIIT  En, Ch
  • Lessons learned to date in 4 Project countries
Session 3: Linkages between the GHS and International Chemicals Conventions
  • GHS and the Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions and ILO Convention 170, Reiner Arndt, UNITAR  Download
  • GHS and the Basel Convention, Peter Peterson, UNITAR  Download
  • GHS: International Chemicals Management, Sustainable Development and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Peter Peterson, UNITAR  Download
Session 4 : Needs and Role of the Health Sector in GHS Implementation
  • Why the GHS is Important for Public Health, Joanna Tempowski, WHO  Download
  • Control Banding, Pavan Baichoo, ILO  Download
Session 5: The Role of Industry, and Public Interest and Labour Organizations in GHS Implementation 
  • The Perspectives of Industry:
    • Hui Hua Wang, Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC)  Download
    • Siang-Hee Tan, Croplife Asia  Download
    • Christina Liu, Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM)  Download
    • Masahiko Hanzawa, Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA)  Download
  • The Perspective of Labour Organizations, Yustinus Bukit Martyr, Chemical, Energy, Mines, Oil & Gas and General Workers Union (FSP-KEP)  Download
  • The Perspective of Consumer Organizations, Keya Ghosh, Consumers International Asia-Pacific  Download
  • The Perspective of NGOs, Muazama Burkhanova, Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives (FSCI)/IPEN  Download
Session 6: Challenges and Opportunities of GHS Implementation
  • Introduction to Working Groups, Jonathan Krueger, UNITAR  Download
  • Legal Aspects of GHS Implementation, Reiner Arndt, UNITAR  Download
  • Implementation Process Issues, UNITAR  Download
  • Regional Communication and Information Sharing, Mehdia Siari, UNITAR  Download
Session 7: Workshop Conclusions and Follow-up activities
  • Summary Presentation 1: Technical aspects of GHS Implementation  Download
  • Summary Presentation 2: Legal aspects of GHS Implementation  Download
  • Summary Presentation 3: GHS implementation process issues  Download
  • Summary Presentation 4: Regional communication and Information Sharing  Download