Eleventh Meeting of the UNITAR/ILO GHS Capacity Building Programme Advisory Group

Date and location

11 December 2006, 10.00 - 17:00

International Environment House
Room 3


The documents listed below are for review and/or guidance at PAG 11. Please refer to the annotated agenda (PAG 11-1) for details. Documents will be added to this page as they become available.

  • PAG 11-1: Preliminary Agenda  Download
  • PAG 11-2 Regional GHS Capacity Assessment for ASEAN (Draft) 
  • PAG 11-3: Report of the Regional GHS Workshop for Central and Eastern Europe (Draft) - Coming soon
  • PAG 11-4: Conclusions and Recommendations of the Regional GHS Workshop for Arab Countries  Download
  • PAG 11-5: Preliminary results of the questionnaire on the Status of GHS Implementation (Draft)  Download
  • PAG 11-6: Legal Implementation of the GHS: Country Case Studies (draft outline)  Download
  • PAG 11-7: Strengthening the Role of Public Interest Groups and Labour Organizations in the Implementation of the GHS: A Reference Document (Draft)  Download
  • PAG 11-8: Guide to the GHS (draft)  Download
  • PAG 11-9: Draft GHS Training Course Expanded Outlines  Download
  • PAG 11-10: Frequently Asked GHS Questions and Answers (Draft) 
  • PAG 11-11: WHO information note on GHS - Coming soon
  • PAG 11-12: GHS Activities in SAICM GPA  Download
  • PAG 11-13: Preliminary List of Participants  Download
  • PAG 11-14: Report of the Eleventh PAG Meeting  Download