Fourth Meeting of the UNITAR/ILO GHS Capacity Building Programme Advisory Group

Date and location

9 July 2003, 14:00 - 18:00

Palais des Nations
Room F3 (door 2, third floor)


  • PAG 4-1: Preliminary Agenda  Download
  • PAG 4-2: List of Documents  Download
  • PAG 4-3: SADC Sub-regional Workshop on Chemical Hazard Communication and GHS Implementation, 1-4 September 2003, Brochure and Draft Agenda  Download
  • PAG 4-4: Regional GHS Capacity Needs Assessment Methodology (draft)  Download
  • PAG 4-5: Development of a Module: Globally Harmonised Classification, Labelling and Safety Information System (GHS) in the UNITAR/UNEP series: Chemicals Management Instruments - preliminary country experiences  Download
  • PAG 4-6: UNITAR/ILO Strengthening Regional and National Capacities for Implementing the Globally Harmonized System for Chemical Classification and Labelling (GHS): 2004-2006, Framework Project Proposal 
  • PAG 4-7: UNITAR/ILO Survey Report on Capacity Building Needs for Chemical Hazard Communication and GHS Implementation (draft) 
  • PAG 4-8: UNITAR/ILO/OECD, WSSD Global Partnership for Capacity Building to Implement the GHS: Progress Report 2002 (draft) 
  • PAG 4-9: List of Participants  Download
  • PAG 4-10: Report of the Fourth PAG Meeting  Download
  • Zambia Project Update  Download
  • Senegal Project Update  Download
  • South Africa Project Update  Download
  • University of Cape Town Presentation  Download