Seventh Meeting of the UNITAR/ILO GHS Capacity Building Programme Advisory Group

Date and location

6 December 2004, 10.00 - 17:30

Meeting Room 2, Ground Floor
International Environment House


  • SADC Regional GHS Assessment Report: Towards Implementation of the GHS in the SADC Region (draft)  Download
  • Field Training on Comprehensibility of Chemical Hazard Communication for Workers and the Public in South Africa (Pilot Phase) - Report by UCT 
  • Developing and Implementing a National Chemical Hazard Communication and GHS Action Plan (Working Draft Guidance Document)  Download
  • Preparing a National Chemical Hazard Communication Situation Analysis (Working Draft)  Download
  • PAG 7-1: Preliminary Agenda  Download
  • PAG 7-2: List of Documents - Available
  • PAG 7-3: Asia-Pacific GHS survey: draft report  Download
  • PAG 7-4: Proposal for West Africa GHS workshop: submitted by Senegal
  • PAG 7-5: Proposal for West Africa GHS workshop: submitted by Nigeria 
  • PAG 7-6: Suggested Revisions to UCT GHS Symbols Card  Download
  • PAG 7-7: GHS Roster of Experts (draft)  Download
  • PAG 7-8: Progress Made towards GHS Partnership Indicators (draft) 
  • PAG 7-9: Preliminary List of Participants  Download
  • PAG 7-10: Report of the Seventh PAG Meeting  Download
  • Japanese Presentation on Capacity Building Activities  Download
  • UCT Presentation on Comprehensibility Testing and its Role in GHS Implementation  Download