UNITAR/IOMC Programme to Assist Countries in Developing and Sustaining an Integrated National Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals

Eleventh Meeting of the UNITAR/IOMC Programme Task Force

21 June 2006 (p.m.)
International Environment House, Room 2

The documents listed below are for review and/or guidance at PTF11. Please refer to the agenda (PTF11-2) for details.


  • PTF 11-1: List of Documents - Available
  • PTF 11-2: Draft Agenda  Download
  • PTF 11-3: Information Note on Pilot Projects in Support of National SAICM Implementation  Download
  • PTF 11-4: Project Implementation Manual for Pilot Countries (draft) - Coming soon
  • PTF 11-5: Developing and Sustaining an Integrated National Programme forSound Chemicals Management (2004 edition)  Download
  • PTF 11-6: National Implementation of SAICM: A Guide to Resource, Guidance and Training Materials of IOMC POs - Coming Soon
  • PTF 11-7: Country Application Summary Table  Download
  • PTF 11-8: Country Applications for Pilot Projects in Support of National SAICM Implementation

The table below includes the applications and supporting documentation, as originally submitted, in PDF format. If letters of support were not sent, then the corresponding column is blank. Reference binders containing copies of the original, complete applications will also be available for reference during the PTF meeting itself. A summary table of all country applications is available as document PTF 11-7.

The second table includes correspondence from countries that expressed interest in participating but did not submit an application. 

  Country Application Form and Statements of Interest Letters of Support and Other Documents
 1 Albania   Download  -
 2 Argentina    Download  -
 3 Bahamas   Download  -
 4 Bahrain    Download  Download
 5 Belarus  Download  Download
 6 Bolivia   Download  Download
 7 Burkina Faso    Download  Download
 8 Burundi    Download  -
 9 Cambodia    Download  Download
 10 Central African Republic   Download  -
 11 Chile    Download  -
 12 Costa Rica  Download  -
 13 Djibouti  Download  -
 14 Dominican Republic    Download  -
 15 Ecuador   Download  Download
 16 Eritrea     Download
 17 Ethiopia     Download  Download
 18 Georgia     Download  Download
 19 Ghana    Download  -
 20 Guinée-Bissau    Download  -
 21 Iraq   Download  Download
 22 Kenya     Download  -
 23 Kyrgyz Republic clarification of application pending   -
 24 Lesotho    Download  Download
 25 Madagascar    Download  Download
 26 Malawi    Download  -
 27 Mauritania    Download  Download
 28 Mexico  Download  Download
 29 Mongolia   Download  -
 30 Morocco    Download   Download 
 31 Nigeria    Download
 32 Pakistan   Download   Download 
 33 Panama   Download  Download
 34 Rwanda  Download
 35 Senegal   Download  Download
 36 Somali  Download  -
 37 Syria   Download  -
 38 Tajikistan  Download  -
 39 Tanzania   Download  Download 
 40 Tunisia  Download
 41 Uganda  Download
 42 Ukraine  Download
 43 Yemen   Download  Download 
 44 Zambia  Download

 Other Countries Expressing Interest

  Country Correspondence
1 Democratic Republic of Congo  Download
2 Iran  Download
3 Rep. de Guinée  Download
  • PTF 11-LOP: List of Participants - Available at meeting
  • PTF Contact List  Download