Pilot Projects

Starting in 2011, UNITAR is assisting three countries in undertaking pilot projects aimed to develop and strengthen capacities to address Nanotechnology and Manufactured Nanomaterials. These projects, which are undertaken with funding support from the Government of Switzerland, are generating experiences and lessons learned that have been transmitted for deliberation at the third International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM-3), in September 2012; presentations from that side-event are available below. Further information on the projects taking place in Nigeria, Thailand, and Uruguay, can also be found in the  concept note.

UNITAR has developed guidance and training materials to ensure that participating countries are aware of the current state of the field, and some of the possible actions that can take place at the national level. The document can be dowloaded here.

Pilot project regions: 

- Africa

- Asia-Pacific

- Latin America and Caribbean

Presentations from ICCM-3:


- Nigeria

- Thailand

- Uruguay

 Nano Side-event Photos