UNITAR/OECD/IOMC Awareness-Raising Workshop for
Developing and Transition Countries on Nanotechnology/
Manufactured Nanomaterials Central and Eastern Europe

Łódź, Poland
11 December 2009


This workshop, which is the second in a series, includes participants from a wide variety of governments and other stakeholders in the Central and Eastern European Region, as well as representatives of international organizations.

For photos of the meeting, please click here.


Meeting Documents

Agenda  EnRu

Participants list  Download

  • Introduction to nanotechnology and manufactured nanomaterials: Overview of the science to-date, Georg Karlaganis, Switzerland  Download
  • Introduction to the Issue of Nano and EHS, Reiner Arndt, UNITAR  Download
The Science
  • Applications of nanomaterials – the products from nanotechnologies, and knowledge sharing on nano, Reiner Arndt, UNITAR  Download
  • Potential human health and environmental risks from the production and use manufactured nanomaterials and their applications (waste, preparedness, prevention/control), John Roberts, UK  Download
  • Industry perspective, BIAC  Download
  • NGO perspective, David Azoulay, IPEN/CIEL  Download
Human, Worker and Environmental Health and Management of Risks
  • Measures to control human exposure and environmental releases at the workplace, Vladimir Murashov, USA  Download
  • How This Issue is Co-ordinated Globally: current international activities to address risk and benefits of Nanomaterials, Peter Kearns, OECD  Download
  • National reporting schemes for Manufactured Nanomaterials, Sarah Fisher, UK  Download
Regional Needs
  • Experience of countries in the CEE UN region with benefits and risks from Nanomaterials:
    • Czech Republic, Katerina Šebková   Download
    • Poland, Kinga Mroziewicz   Download
    • Russian Federation, Marine Melkonyan,   Download
Next Steps
  • National Chemicals Management Profiles: presentation of a draft outline for a National Profile Chapter on Nano, Craig Boljkovac, UNITAR  Download

Background Documents

  • OECD Activities in Human Health and Environmental Safety  Download
  • Activities on Nanotechnologies in Intergovernmental and Other International Organisations  Download
  • Nanotechnologies: Governance Models, Georg Karlaganis, Switzerland  Download
  • Nanoparticles and their potential threats to Health, Georg Karlaganis, Switzerland  Download
  • ICCM-2 nano-related outcomes and expectations for ICCM-3, Georg Karlaganis, Switzerland  Download
  • Key Questions, Georg Karlaganis, Switzerland  Download