UNITAR Regional Workshop for Developing and Transition
Countries on Nanotechnology/Manufactured Nanomaterials
for the Central and Eastern European Region

Lodz, Poland
27 - 28 June 2011

This is the third workshop in the second round of UNITAR regional workshops on nanotechnology.

1. Draft Agenda

2. Justification Document for the Inclusion of Nano-Related Activities in the SAICM Global Plan of Action, Proposal from the Government of Switzerland (English Version / Russian Version)

3. ICCM2 Report - Annex II (Procedure for the inclusion of new activities in the Global Plan of Action of the Strategic Approach)

4. Awareness Raising, Draft Guidance and Pilot Projects, UNITAR

5. Current Uses of Nanotechnology and Activities in the CEE Region, University of Strasbourg, Alexandrina Soldatenko

6. An Overview of Activities Related to Nanotechnology in CEE Countries and PowerPoint Presentation, University of Strasbourg, Alexandrina Soldatenko

7. Nanotechnology and Manufactured Nanomaterials: Environment, Health and Safety Issues, UNITAR

8. Nanotechnology in Poland, Bureau for Chemical Substances, Poland