GHS Review Conference for Southeast Asia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
21-23 May 2013

Overview | Background Documents | Presentations | Workshop Outcomes and Report | Photos

1. Workshop Information Note Download

2. Agenda and Timetable Download

3. Logistical information note Download

4. Report of the “GHS Stocktaking Workshop for Southeast, East and Central Asia” Download

5. Achievements and Lessons learned in the Region (draft) Download

6. GHS Document, “Purple Book” Download

7. Understanding the GHS: A Companion Guide to the Purple Book (June 2012 Edition) Download

8. UNITAR/ILO/IOMC, “Developing a National GHS Implementation Strategy: A Guidance Document (2010 edition) Download

9. IOMC: Assisting Countries with the Transition Phase for GHS Implementation (tools and resources of the IOMC to support implementation of the GHS), November 2008 Edition Download

10. The GHS and the Global Partnership: a success from Rio to Rio Download

11. List of Participants

Participants are requested to bring copies of the documents with them to the workshop. Limited quantities of the documents will be available at the event.