First meeting of the Steering Committee for the medium-sized GEF Project "POPs monitoring, reporting and information dissemination using Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTRs)”

1-4 June 2009
Santiago de Chile, Chile


UNITAR in close collaboration with UNEP has launched a GEF-supported Global PRTR Project on POPs monitoring, reporting and information dissemination
using PRTRs. The project will have duration of two years (2009-2010). Stakeholder involvement will be a critical project component.

The planning phase of the project started in early 2009. A Global Steering Committee was established, with participation of representatives of the 7 partner countries, as well as representatives of the OECD countries, donors and international organizations supporting PRTR development. The Global Steering Committee will meet three times during the implementation of the project to evaluate its progress, share experiences and knowldge between parties, and identify opportunities for new activities. The first meeting took place in Chile on 1-4 June 2009.