TW6: Interministerial Coordination for the Sound Management of Chemicals

The thematic workshop on Strengthening Interministerial Coordination for the Sound Management of Chemicals was the sixth in a Series of Thematic Workshops on Priority Topics of National Chemicals Management Capacity Building. It took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 29-30 August 2002. The event brought together some 21 representatives from more than 15 developing countries, countries with economies in transition, countries with advanced chemicals management capabilities, and international organisations.

The main objective of the workshop was to develop and test ideas for innovative approaches to interministerial coordination for the sound management of chemicals, consistent with national circumstances and priorities. Experiences to-date, existing guidance and other resources were discussed. Gaps and weaknesses were identified and solutions suggested.

The workshop resulted in a set of recommendations regarding mechanisms for interministerial coordination, and identified tools that could be used for interministerial coordination, covering a range of areas such as communications, special situations, documents, meetings, and legislation. A variety of general issues to consider in strengthening interministerial coordination were also discussed, such as developing new policies and coordinating inputs to international activities. Finally, the workshop provided a set of suggestions regarding organisational matters for planning and implementing an interministerial coordination mechanism.

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