TW8: Thematic Workshop on Synergies for Capacity Building under International Agreements Addressing Chemicals and Waste Management

Written Submissions and Working Group Reports

Written Submissions from Countries

Written Submissions of International Organizations and Convention Secretariats

Written Submissions of Non-Governmental Organizations

Working Group Reports

  • Developing a coherent policy, legislative and institutional framework
  • Linking chemical safety to general development policies and ensuring sustainable financial resource mobilisation  Download
  • The role of states/provinces and local authorities in implementation of international agreements  Download
  • Awareness raising, education and training  Download
  • Public participation in national implementation of international agreements  Download
  • Information exchange and dissemination to the public  Download
  • Communication and information exchange among Convention focal points  Download
  • Capacity for risk assessment and risk management  Download
  • Capacity for analysis, monitoring and general enforcement  Download
  • Import and export control/customs  Download
  • Challenges, Obstacles and Incentives for Implementation of Synergies at the National Level  Download
  • Capacity Assistance for Implementation of Synergies at the National Level  Download
  • Opportunities for Informing the SAICM Process  Download