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Address: Seestrasse 500

CH 8038 Zurich, Switzerland

CIFAL Zurich was established in 2016 under the auspices of InterSoft Suisse AG with the objective of contributing to develop and strengthenleadership and management capacities of government officials to better respond to development challenges.

The CIFAL aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practices, encourage cross-sectoral collaboration, and to contribute to advance sustainable development.

Scope: Central Europe

Thematic Areas

  • Urban Governance and Planning
  • Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development


  • Technology and Innovation
  • Smart Cities

CIFAL Zurich President

Samanda Fernando

Samanda Fernando is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with attained expertise in Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) technology integrated organizations. He has built, driven and globalized an Australian firm- InterSoft. Whereby, the firm today is a frontrunner embedded in the management of foundational protocols that form technological ecosystems and is well positioned to embrace the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution speared by smart technology and hyperconnectivity.

Samanda serves as a role model mentoring to and followed by many technology entrepreneurs. Empowering others to translate vision into results, he is proactive in developing strategies to accomplish objectives, establishes and maintains relationships with a broad range of influencers across the international landscape. He demonstrates unique corporate diplomacy skills, does not accept the status quo and shows courage to make bold decisions.

Samanda has been awarded an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business by the University of Oxford.

He served as an Executive Board Member at Planetshakers Europe-Geneva, Global Advisory Board member at Planetshakers, Australia and International Christian Fellowship (ICF) Zurich. The accomplishments associated with these roles are not equated in monitory value but that which supersedes it and is immeasurable- helping societies transform lives for the better.

From 2016, he now serves as the President of CIFAL Zurich in which he has demonstrated a passion to develop a highly effective social innovation program empowering next generation leaders with knowledge and skills required to combat the daunting leadership crisis in government, private and civil sectors due to technology change.