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CIFAL Zurich was established in 2017 under the auspices of InterSoft Suisse AG with the objective of contributing to develop and strengthenleadership and management capacities of government officials to better respond to development challenges.

The CIFAL aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practices, encourage cross-sectoral collaboration, and to contribute to advance sustainable development.

Mobilizing the Private Sector to build-up their current social innovation initiatives towards Agenda 2030, along with creating stakeholder engagement with the local government of Zurich is an ongoing commitment from CIFAL Zurich. Leveraging the many useful resources at hand in Zurich that cater the global enterprise market in the domains of finance and technology have proven successful since our inauguration in May 2017. Albeit, Switzerland host country to the United Nations second largest community in its most collaborative form is now served by the United Nations directly at the Cantonal level through the operation of CIFAL Zurich. Where focus on local initiatives has commenced in the form of Internet Governance, Child rights and CIFAL Zurich’s Youth Council. Internationally applauded for its de-centralisation of government, richness in scenic beauty, boasting high income per capita this nation is not insulated from the effects of social change that will be brought about by technology and climate change - some of this change yields positive, yet, the need to counteract the negatives through active Public Private Partnerships is the primary work of CIFAL Zurich.

Scope: Central Europe

Thematic Areas

  • Urban Governance and Planning
  • Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development


  • Technology and Innovation
  • Smart Cities

CIFAL Zurich Director
Shani Pereira

Shani is passionate about sharing her own experiences to create an impact. She is what an Australian terms a “techi” and loves understanding new technologies and its systems. As a Mechanical Engineer her experience was broadened in the aviation industry as she was trained by Ansett Airlines Australia when she joined their Engineering Division in 1998, while being a mum for the first time.

Having gained experience as a female mechanical engineer during the 1990’s coupled with the unique opportunity to work as an Aeronautical Engineer in a developing country during an internship – she has authentic experience to share about “perceptions” on gender inequality. At times advocating that boards are losing out on pure talent by “just” hiring the female candidate to obtain gender balance.

In 2002, she co-founded InterSoft an Australian company that specialises in the operation of Internet Protocol and its associated critical services in relation to DNS and DHCP. From the time of InterSoft’s international expansion (of which she still manages their Global Engineering Division) working across multiple time zones and seeing through those long weekend network migrations in a coordinated global effort.

Today she and her team focuses on Cybersecurity that is traffic flow related and she is the Executive Director of CIFAL-Zurich. Advocating about Internet Governance and she is passionate about reaching Agenda 2030.