As part of a joint ongoing UNITAR/IDI/UNCTAD Global Project to train Public Debt Audit Officials in ‘Auditing Public Debt Management’, a survey was conducted (February 2009) to assess the feasibility of using distance learning and e-Learning as part of the training process. The survey questionnaire was sent to Sovereign Audit Institutions (SAIs) of 28 developing and emerging economies with a view to study the e-Learning readiness of these institutions. A huge majority of SAIs (89.3%) responded that they will provide the required hardware and software to the participants during the entire duration of the e-Learning component of the programme. All respondents also declared that their SAI will allow participants to dedicate 1-2 hours each working day to take the e-Learning component of the programme and that participants will be able to set aside 1-2 hours each working day for e-Learning. This clearly shows that e-Learning is fast becoming a part of the learning culture among institutions from different regions of the globe.

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