face-to-face workshops

Since 2005, e-Governance Programme has organized 14 face-to-face training workshops on Digital Local Agenda in 8 different countries for local authorities from Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, English-speaking countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.  More than 400 participants representing 231 municipalities from 88 countries benefited from our Digital Local Agenda awareness raising workshops.

A typical workshop gathers 20-30 participants and it lasts for 3 days, combining best practice sharing exercises, called CityShare methodology, lectures by e-Governance experts, case study presentations by participants, small group discussions and field visits to local best practice sites.  An example of a workshop programme can be viewed from here (AGENDA shanghai0307.pdf).

Participants in a Digital Local Agenda workshop
participants in a Digital Local Agenda workshop

Some quotes by participants in a Digital Local Agenda workshops

It’s very good that everybody participated and their contribution brought the realization of needs. I consider this workshop a success and I contend the organizers for making a good outline of activities”

“A smaller group like this can be more productive because participants were able to discuss concerns with all other people”

Field visit in a Shanghai workshop
Field visit in a Shanghai workshop

What is unique about e-Governance Programme’s face-to-face training workshop is that participants are not there to “listen to experts’ lectures” only, but to “participate” in the real sense that they have to contribute to discussions, share their experience, ask questions and support from peer participants and develop a action plan at the end of a workshop, in which each participant commits themselves to achieve an identified goal.