Bilbao Summit logo  UNITAR co-organized the II World Summit of Cities and Local Governments on the Information Society (Bilbao Summit 2005) with the Basque Regional Government of Spain.  At the end of the Bilbao Summit, the Bilbao Declaration and the Plan of Action were adopted and handed over to the then-UN Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan at the Second Phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis as a contribution from the local authorities around the world. 

Bilbao Summit 2005 Opening Ceremony
Bilbao Summit 2005 Opening Ceremony

The Bilbao Summit was a significant event for local authorities to voice their needs and concerns in order for them to be included in the international agenda to achieve the “Information Society” for all.

Bilbao Summit, local authorities gathered from all over the world
Bilbao Summit:  local authorities gathered from all over the world

As a follow-up of the Bilbao Summit, UNITAR’s e-Governance Programme has been active in organizing awareness raising workshops for local authorities on Digital Local Agenda and its benefits.  Since 2005, more than 400 participants representing 231 municipalities from 88 countries benefited from our Digital Local Agenda awareness raising workshops.

UNITAR is a member of the United Nations Group on the Information Society (UNGIS) composed of relevant UN bodies and organizations with the mandate to facilitate the implementation of WSIS outcomes.