Principle 10 National Profile and Action Plan Project in the Dominican Republic

The Secretary of State of the Environment and Natural Resources of Dominican Republic and UNITAR signed a Memorandum of Agreement concerning the project “Preparing a National Profile and Action Plan on the Implementation of Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration” in March of 2007.

The national project coordinator was Ms. Martha Pérez, Undersecretary of State, with Mrs. Mariana Perez, Director of Environmental Information serving as focal point. A National Coordinating Team was established to guide and oversee the project implementation.
National Planning Workshop
A National planning workshop took place on 24 April 2007 in Santo Domingo. Some 40 participants from a range of government agencies and stakeholder groups participated in the event. The workshop provided the opportunity to identify the support of the government and other institutions in strengthening the implementation of Principle 10.
National Profile Development
The Dominican Republic completed its National Profile in 2008.
National Priority Setting Workshop
The National Priority Setting Workshop on Principle 10 Implementation took place on 1-2 December 2008. The workshop was attended by 45 participants originating from government ministries, the judiciary, the private sector, local authorities, NGOs, universities and international donors.
National priorities identified at the workshop included:
  • Implementation of a training programme to build capacities of government officials on participatory governance, including designing and managing participatory processes, creative approaches for public participation and tools for conflict resolution
  • Legal development and reform, including: development of a public participation act conferring rights and obligations for participation of citizens in environmental decision making; changes in the criminal procedure code enable effective access to justice; and creation of legal guarantees for environmental whistle blowers
  • Strengthening capacities of the public (i.e. NGOs, local communities and indigenous groups) to: know about legal provisions on access to information, public participation and access to justice in order to participate more effectively in environmental decision-processes and access courts when rights are infringed
  • Strengthening technical capacities of the judiciary and law practitioners on environmental evidence
National Action Plan
The Priority Setting Workshop provided the basis for the development of a National Action Plan on Principle 10 implementation which was completed in early 2009.
Targeted Capacity Development Action
Taking into account the priorities and capacity needs identified through the National Action Plan, UNITAR is exploring opportunities to support selected capacity development activities.
All project documents are also available on our publications page, including:
  • National Planning Workshop report
  • National Profile
  • National Priority Settings Workshop report
  • Action Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Final Report