CIFAL Shanghai: Senior Information Security Specialist Certification Training Ⅱ




27 Oct - 29 Oct 2010

Duration of event:

3 days


Shanghai, China

Programme area:

Local Development



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Private – by invitation   Face-to-Face    Chinese   open to register/apply

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With the in-depth application of information technology and rapid development of internet, information system has become the basis and lifeline of a country’s economic. Information system is growing in popularity in all areas of economy and our daily life. It is becoming more and more important. With the increasingly dependence on information system, information security issues are also more and more serious. They are bothering a variety of users including enterprises, organizations, government departments and agencies. Setting up a team with professional personnel to meet the need of national information security and safety is the first priority of all sectors of the community.

Learning Objectives

“Senior Information Security Specialist” course is offered to training professional testing personnel. Through the course students will have in-depth knowledge of the latest ideas and opinions in the field of information security from home and abroad; master the information security system, management systems and security services system; understand hierarchical protection, ISO27001 management systems and methods of network risk assessment; and understand the actual process of using the knowledge to improve the information security system construction of enterprises.

Content and Structure

  1. Safety organization structure and security standard;
  2. Security system overview and system construction;
  3. Review of information security management system;
  4. Security system implementation methods;
  5. Hierarchical protection foundational knowledge;
  6. Safety planning cases study;
  7. Security service system;
  8. Network security risk assessment;
  9. ISO27001 management system;
  10. ISMS management system.

Targeted Audience

  • Individual training: Chief Information Officers and Chief Security Officers from government and private companies; information systems or network administrators; network or security system integrators; telecommunications providers, ISP and ICP; finance, securities service providers; related network maintenance personnel and IT personnel who are interested in the network information security.
  • Group training: department of information management or information audit department or IT team of enterprises, governments, institutions.

Additional Information

Certification upton completion.