CSR Lunch Meetup




05 Jun - 05 Jun 2012

Duration of event:

0.4 day


Antwerp, Belgium

Programme area:

Corporate Social Responsibility


USD 70

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Deadline for registration: 4 June 2012


Antwerp diamanteers are invited to develop their knowledge on CSR before participating to “Meet & Greet” session with 20 Chinese leaders in the jewelry sector.

As 20 Chinese leaders in the jewelry industry are heading to Antwerp for an executive course on CSR and management, Antwerp diamanteers are invited to the first monthly CSR lunch meetup organized by UNITAR and the Antwerp World Diamond Center in collaboration with the Global Compact Network Belgium and the Antwerp Management School.

Event Objectives

This session is being organized to raise the participants' awareness and understanding on CSR challenges and opportunities in the context of both theirs, and Chinese markets.