CIFAL Curitiba: Financing for Urban Development in Latin America


Taller (workshop)


25 Aug - 27 Aug 2010

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3 día


Curitiba, Brazil


Local Development


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As Latin America's population becomes increasingly and predominantly urbanized, most Latin American urban centres still lack the infrastructure necessary for their sustainable development and face mounting challenges in services new urban dwellers. Large projects (E.g. roads, drainage, water and sewerage systems) are usually costly and cannot be fully funded by the local government. Despite the large amount of financial schemes provided by national and international institutions, cities are unaware or unable to access these sources due to a lack of knowledge or management capacities. Furthermore, there is a great need from local authorities to obtain more information on alternatives for financing urban infrastructure other than standard models. This workshop aims to enable regional participants to directly access financing recommendations from a variety of international, regional and diversified funding and investment institutions, while exploring their own models and best practices in sustainably financing their urban development projects.

Objetivos de Aprendizaje

This course will enable local decision makers to:

  • Identify and access financial sources to fund urban development projects;
  • Assess relevant urban planning mechanisms that help fund and promote urban development within the local contexts of participants;
  • Analyse their local context and evaluate the challenges and opportunities for financing projects;
  • Formulate a rough plan with strategies and actions to finance projects.

Contenido y Estructura

The course will present sources and alternative methods for financing urban infrastructure projects as well as successful case studies on regional best practices in financial frameworks.

The workshop will be structured into the following sessions:

  • Module 1: Regional Trends in Financing for Urban Development
  • Module 2: Pre-conditions for Successful Management of Municipal Finance and Assessing Current Capacities
  • Module 3: Developing Self-Sustainable Methods of Financing Urban Development - A Municipal Perspective
  • Module 4: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Development
  • Module 5: Exploring Lessons Learned and Key Challenges in Municipal Financing


UNITAR City Share Methodology


  • Municipal level staff, including technical experts on management of infrastructure projects and financial or budgetary staff
  • Private sector participants
  • Representatives from international organizations (development banks, industry experts)
  • etc.