CIFAL Shanghai - Global CEO Conference




03 Nov - 03 Nov 2015

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1 día


Shanghai, China


Local Development


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With the rapid development of information technologies since the beginning of the 21 century, intelligent terminals and applications have become increasingly powerful. New patterns of large-scale production, sharing and use come into reality, which have greatly changed the way people study, work and live. A new round of information revolution has arrived represented by internet, cloud computing, internet of things and other technology leaps.

Since the smart planet, a highly efficient, interconnected and environment-friendly concept, was brought up, there is a boom of building smart city initiatives. The introduction of new generations of internet, cloud computing, intelligent sensing, telecommunication, remote control, satellite positioning and GIS have made Smart realizable from technological aspect, through identifying, positioning, following-up, controlling and managing every possible object.

Building smart cities is also the objective requirement to transform the city development pattern and to enhance the efficiency of urban management. As the acceleration of urbanization, cities are endowed with unprecedented power and come to people’s attention. At the same time, cities are faced with such challenges as environment pollution, traffic jams, scarcity of energy, shortage of affordable housing, high unemployment rate and diseases. How to tackle these challenges and realize sustainable development have be one of the priorities in many city plans. Smart City is the future. 

Objetivos del Evento

The Global CEO Forum aims to promote city informatizaiton and social advancement in the Asia-Pacific Region. The mission of the Forum is to provide a platform for government leaders, decision-makers and policy developers to exchange visions, policies and strategies, technologies and products, practices and experiences on ICT application and development, so as to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation for economic and social development among participating cities or regions, and to narrow the gap among cities or regions in terms of ICT application and availability of information to citizens.

Contenido y Estructura

The Forum will address the following key topics, among others:

  • Urban Management in the Era of Big Data
  • Industrialization in the Era of Intelligence
  • Smart Applications in the Era of Informatization


The Global CEO Forum will be delivered through plenary sessions, parallel sessions, working meetings, round-table discussions, exhibition, and site visits.


The Forum brings together government officials, business executives and members from related industries, NGO representatives and academic experts.