UNITAR Series on Sea and Human Security: 2010 Session


Taller (workshop)


06 Sep - 09 Sep 2010

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3 día


Tokyo, Japan


Climate Change, Environmental Governance and Law, International Law, Ocean Management


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Begun in 2002 with an International Conference, the UNITAR Series on Sea and Human Security has from its beginnings, been focused on mainstreaming the importance of a comprehensive approach to the economic, political, environmental and nutritional aspects of human security as it pertains to seas and the ocean. The 2010 Session will represent the seventh annual gathering.

Objetivos de Aprendizaje

This Workshop will enable participants to approach ocean management from a comprehensive perspective, with particular reference to the concepts of governance at local, regional and international levels. Through group-based work examining real world examples, the benefits of strong, integrated governance systems will be examined. At the end of the Workshop, participants will be able to develop and implement comprehensive ocean management plans.

Contenido y Estructura

1)      The interrelation between habitats, ecosystems and human food security

- marine food security;
- marine food production and the environment.
2)      Strategies for disaster management and risk reduction
- adaptation to climate change;
- disaster management and risk reduction;
- integrated socio-economic impact assessments.
3)      Training of trainers for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)
- the cross-cutting theme of Training of Trainers, in particular in the context of ICM.
4)      Ocean governance: awareness creation and implementation
- studies on governance which enable the implementation of action items.


This Workshop will incorporate the following learning methodologies;

  • Interactive Lectures
  • Q and A Sessions
  • Study Tours
  • After-Action Review
  • Practical Exercises
  • Follow-up Questionnaires


Reflecting the comprehensive nature of the training at this Session, the targeted audience includes;

- potential decision makers and trainers within national administrations;
- mid- to high level government officials from selected line ministries; and
- representatives of NGOs, academia and private corporations.

Información Adicional

The working language of the Workshop is English.

 For any questions please contact Mr. Berin McKenzie at berin.mckenzie@unitar.org