UNITAR Fellowship for Afghanistan: Web Seminar Series - Seminar III


Seminario Web


17 Aug - 17 Aug 2010

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0.5 día


Hiroshima, Japan & web-based


Peacemaking and Conflict Prevention, Post-conflict Reconstruction



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Privado y sobre invitacion   E-learning    Inglés   open to register/apply

Private events - by invitation only are reserved for a pre-determined group of participants.


Based on recommendations of its Afghan Fellowship Community, the UNITAR Hiroshima Office launched the Web Seminar Series module within the framework of the Fellowship for Afghanistan. The series focuses on the importance of HRM and HRD in organizational development with the premise that with people at the centre of any successful organization, particular attention needs to be paid to managing human resources and continuously developing them.

Objetivos de Aprendizaje

 This seminar aims to take the discussions, on how to lead the maximization of an organization’s performance, from the Fellowship’s Workshop I to the next step by offering some practical tools from the HRD and organizational management toolbox to allow the Afghan professionals to put the learning into immediate practice.

Contenido y Estructura

Practical tools and real examples will be used to illustrate application of the performance management theories delivered during the Fellowship’s Workshop I. The content aims to deepen understanding of the four components of the Performance Maximizer: ‘know what to do’, ‘able to do it, ‘equipped to do it and ‘want to do it’. The steps and processes to achieve each component will be explored here. The seminar seeks to provide the Afghan leaders and managers with a “toolbox” of modeled approaches and guidelines for effective performance maximization.


The six hour session will be conducted through a combination of distance learning and on-site facilitation. The training will include presentation of concepts through video-conferencing, with small group discussion and brief exercises, facilitated by Afghan Fellowship alumni on-site.


The Seminar Series is offered to the Fellowship Alumni community, and is mandatory for the current Fellows and Coaches. The Series consists of five seminars, and UNITAR awards certificates to those who attend the complete Series. It is hoped that these substantive, cross-disciplinary sessions will provide Fellows and Alumni a greater access to more expertise on different topics and also further expand the Fellowship Community.

Información Adicional

The working language of the training seminar is English.

The series is jointly organized by UNITAR and the Afghan Consulting, Training and Research Association (ACTRA), established by the UNITAR Alumni network in Afghanistan.

For any questions please contact Ms. Humaira Khan-Kamal at humaira.kamal@unitar.org, or Mr. Sabahuddin Sokout at sabahuddin.sokout@unitar.org