Project Management for Sustainable Development




25 Nov - 06 Dec 2013

Duración del evento:

2 semanas


Egi Rivers State, Nigeria


Local Development , Project Management



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 In 2007, TOTAL E&P Nigeria changed its host communities engagement strategy, after a period of volatile relations between it and host communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. One area of grievance was the exclusion of local actors from decisions affecting community development.

In its own defence, TOTAL E& P Nigeria attributed the state of affairs to lack of skilled project managers in host communities and this has largely hindered its ability to engage communities effectively. In a paradigm shift, the corporate giant changed from assistance based policy to investing in building capacities of local actors to manage development projects from initiation to closing.

Against this backdrop, a tailor made project management course which explores strategic project management cycle and sustainable development logical framework emerges as a critical tool to address this deficit and reduce the friction between TOTAL E& P Nigeria and its host communities.

Objetivos del Evento

The main aim of this workshop is to provide local actors with practical knowledge of project management that will enable them understand the uniqueness of community development projects with respect to financial, traditional institutional constraints, accountability to the public and utilization of community resources  


Objetivos de Aprendizaje

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

·      Understand the concept of sustainable development

·      Understand how to use Project Manangement tools

·      Distinguish and work with the 5 process Groups of Project Management 

·      Apply problem diagnosing and problem-solving skills in Project Management

·      Know the roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager 

·      Apply basic monitoring and evaluation skills to development projects.

·     Understand Project cycle Management  and manage time, cost, scope, quality, communication and procurement effectively.

Contenido y Estructura

 The course is structured around the following modules:

·       MODULE 1: Introduction to Sustainable Development

·       MODULE 2: Introduction to Project Management  

·       MODULE 3: Project Conceptualization

·       MODULE 4: Project Management Process Groups

·       MODULE 5: Mini-Projects


 The course has a mixture of adult learning methodologies such as interactive lectures, role plays , discussion sessions and group exercises. A mini-project will additionally allow participants to practice project management application at the community development level. 


This course is intended for Local Actors involved in Community Projects, Sustainable Development staff of Total E&P working with Community Development Networks,Community Develoment Committees, Local Project Implementation Committees and Youth Development Associations.