UNITAR NYO/ International IDEA Workshop on Democratic Governance and the post 2015 Development Framework


Taller (workshop)


03 Dec - 04 Dec 2013

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2 día


New York City, United States


Multilateral Diplomacy, Peacekeeping, Peacemaking and Conflict Prevention


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Deadline for application: 29 Noviembre 2013


In the course of the Post 2015 Development agenda debate, stakeholders have evaluated many issues to promote a vision beyond the Millennium Development Goals, and to create a sustainable development framework, which is transformative. A sustainable development ensures the well-being of the human person by integrating social development, economic development, and environmental conservation and protection. While democracy is not mentioned, per se, the transformative aspects of a sustainable development involve democratic processes. It requires and implicates everyone’s participation, ensuring equitable input, self-determination and empowerment of both genders and all races and cultural groups. It also embraces democratic governance, such as rule of law, respect for human rights, accountability, transparency and effective governance. A functional democratic system secures an environment within key factors for sustainable development can unfold. Therefore, the existence of a democratic system and the strengthening of that very system are linked to secure sustainable development. Democracy creates an enabling environment in which even the poorest and most marginalized can articulate their needs and shape the path towards sustainable development. On the long run, development is less likely to succeed unless it is based on an inclusive, democratic political settlement.

Objetivos del Evento

This two-day seminar aims to raise awareness on the importance of democracy within the sustainable development framework.  To this end, it will provide participants with the background knowledge and practical skills to discern, to implement and or to advocate effectively for democratic governance to promote the sustainable development agenda. Also, the two-day workshop will frame the discussion of linkages between democratic governance and sustainable development within the framework of the ongoing debate on Sustainable Development Goals.