CIFAL Curitiba - Entertainment as a Conscious Local Development Strategy


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09 Mai - 09 Mai 2014

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1 day


Curitiba, Brazil & web-based


Local Development


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Culture can be a powerful engine for development, increasing employment and income, upgrading local talents, creating new business and direct investment to boost tourism, creative industries and territories. In this context, the principle of the creative economy can be translated as the set of actions that transform creative capital into sustainable development opportunities.

Many cities make use of their creative, touristic and educational assets in order to intensify the economy around these areas and create a favorable environment to attract new business investment and retain young talents. 
CIFAL Curitiba aims to bring together creative economy experts from Brazil and the United States to exchange best practices and knowledge about the impact of entertainment businesses in the local economy.

But(s) de l'évènement

CIFAL Curitiba is hosting the panel titled "Entertainment as a Conscious Local Development Strategy" in the framework of the International Conference of Innovative Cities. The objective of the panel is to gather leaders from both public and private sector to exchange experiences on entertainment as an economic engine for local development.
The session will feature the example of Austin City in Texas (USA), considered the most creative city in the world according to Money Magazine. The invited guests will explore ideas and discuss the challenges and opportunities for boosting the entertainment industry in Brazil.
Expected outcomes of the discussions include:
  • Recognition of potential creative sectors, services and products;
  • New ideas and creative projects in the sector of entertainment for the Curitiba region;
  • Modalities of partnerships  that can be established to create new services and products;
  • Identification of training needs and technical support for improving the creative sector;
  • Identification of public policies to promote the creative sector.

Contenu et structure

The panel will be structured around presentations from invited guests from the private and public sectors showing different views on the impact of the creative economic in local development.


The panel will feature presentations from experts and will culminate with an open debate among guests and participants. 

Public visé

  • Entrepreneurs from the entertainment industry
  • University students 
  • Cultural and creative leaders