CIFAL Curitiba - Risk Management and Compliance Methods in the framework of the Brazilian Anticorruption Law




15 avr. - 15 avr. 2014

Durée de l'évènement:

1 day


Curitiba, Brazil


Local Development


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The Brazilian Network of United Nations Global Compact is intensifying its activities around the 10th principle (Fight corruption and bribery) in Brazil due to recent development on the countries anticorruption legislation. In 2013, the Federal Government has passed a Federal Law (12.846/2013) which holds accountable and applied heavy penalties to companies involved in corruption charges. This changing scenario has motivated the business community to strengthen their regulatory processes and policies. Private companies are now seeking information on best practices that stimulate business transparency and integrity.

But(s) de l'évènement

To present and discuss anticorruption control and monitoring systems for companies, in light of the new Brazilian legislation, and introduce some practical models of compliance programmes.

Objectifs d'apprentissage

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

  1. Recognise the principal components of a company compliance system;
  2. Identify the main internal and external challenges for implementing a compliance system;
  3. Recognise the implications of the new Brazilian legal framework on anticorruption;
  4. Apply a compliance model in the participant’s own organisation


Contenu et structure

This course consists of the following modules:
  • The new company compliance legal framework in Brazil;
  • Step by step process for the implementation of a compliance programme;
  • Presentation of best practices from Brazilian and International companies;


The seminar will be divided into presentations and interactive sessions where practitioners will share their experience on the how to apply compliance models and tools in an organization.


Public visé

Members companies belonging to the Brazilian Network of the Global Compact. Industrial entrepreneurs, decision makers, specialists and those responsible for compliance and audit programs within an organisation.

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