CIFAL Curitiba - Workshop on Sustainable Urban Development




09 avr. - 11 avr. 2014

Durée de l'évènement:

3 jours


Curitiba, Brazil


Local Development



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Priv et sur invitation   Face-to-Face    Anglais Portugais   open to register/apply

Private events - by invitation only are reserved for a pre-determined group of participants.


In November 2013 the City of Curitiba agreed to cooperate with theSwedish institutions (i.e. KTH University and the Swedish-Brazilian Centre for Research and Innovation) with the objective of promoting technical cooperation on sustainable development in Curitiba and its metropolitan area. Universities based in Curitiba, the private sector represented by FIEP, and a a broad range of stakeholders are also engaged in innovative projects in the areas of urban mobility and environmental management. As a follow up, a first meeting is organized in order to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between all actors involved and share ideas that can be translated in future collaborations.

But(s) de l'évènement

The workshop aims to promote cooperation among stakeholders and to identify the challenges in the areas of environmental management and urban mobility, while seeking innovative solutions in each area. 

Objectifs d'apprentissage

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the needs of the city of Curitiba in the areas of environmental management and urban mobility;
  • Identify technologies, products and services that can meet the city’s needs;
  • Recognize best practices that meet the City's technical and economic requirements 
  • Analyse the challenges and opportunities for implementing identified best practices;
  • Determine short, medium and long term actions, ensuring cooperation and commitment of actors involved.

Contenu et structure

The three-day workshop covers the following:

Session 1: Swedish best practices on innovation and sustainable development;

Session 2: Presentation of Curitiba's best practices and needs

Session 3: Historical background of previous discussions and roles of each sector involved
Session 4: Group discussion and mapping of knowledge assets
Session 5: Development of Action Plans
Session 6: Presentation of results from working groups
Session 7: Conclusion and next steps for collaboration
Session 8: Study Visit


The event is divided into presentations and interactive sessions. The world café methodology is used to present proposals and best practices that meet de city’s needs. Participants are also encouraged to present their expectations during the workshop. A Knowledge Fair is also orgnized during the workshop to facilitate understanding on knowledge assets available to respond to the city’s needs in urban mobility and environmental management.  

Public visé

Representatives from local and national governments, local universities, and private sector companies.