CIFAL Jeju - Youth Workshop II




12 août - 14 août 2014

Durée de l'évènement:

3 jours


Jeju, Korea, Republic of


Local Development


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Deadline for application: 10 Juillet 2014


Youth participation in international debates has always been a priority of the United Nations. As the international community participates in the global conversation on a post-2015 development agenda, there has been a consistent effort in engaging young people to discuss the local and global issues of importance to them, while contributing to develop solutions for a world beyond 2015. Youth participation in the most important debate of our time is of outmost importance as it is young people who will see the impact of the 2015 development agenda and will play a key role in its implementation.
CIFAL Jeju working closely with academic institutions in Korea engages youth in sustainable development related discussions. Through its activities, the Centre raises awareness of youth aspirations, encourages them to search for innovative solutions to global issues, and promotes their participation in the decision making processes in order to increase their impact on national development.

But(s) de l'évènement

The overall objective of this workshop is to engage youth as a main actor of the future for sustainable development and to promote a creative culture in search for solutions through education.

Objectifs d'apprentissage

At the end of the workshop, youngsters will be able to:

  • Gain understanding of their role in protecting nature, promoting their culture, and history to fulfill their dreams
  • Have increased knowledge to share Jeju’s vision and best practices as a world environment hub 

Contenu et structure

The workshop consists of lectures by leaders, talk concerts, group discussions and site visits.

Public visé

The target audience is comprised of:
  • University students from Korea